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5 Top Qualities of Great Temp Staff

In a previous blog post we spoke about how hiring temp staff are ideal when you are looking to fill gaps by sick or staff that have left, as well as on occasion requiring staff with a particular skill set.

And whilst we agree that having temp staff assist in times of need, realistic they are only “great” if they posses characteristics to get the job at hand done. For example, good temp staff often work a little more fast paced meaning they need to be able to perform their duties at above average standards and being able to demonstrate this from day dot.

But what are some of the other qualities that good temp workers should have?

The Ability to Adapt to Change

Many workplaces are very fast paced which is why it’s imperative that temp staff are able to navigate through orders with limited information about the day-to-day operations of a business. A great temp worker will be able to adapt to the ever changing work environment without added pressure.

Remain Motivated and On Task

In order to be productive at work, temp staff need to always be motivated. Whilst motivating existing, permanent staff can be done through wage increases or promotions, what motivates a temp worker is the possibility of being hired as a permanent staff member.

Posses Incredible Communication Skills

Regardless of the job, the importance of good communication skills are a must and the basis of many positive working relationships. Due to their ever changing work environment, a good temp worker must be able to listen and retain information in an effective manner.

Be Trustworthy and Honest

Trustworthy and honesty are fairly self-explanatory, however when it comes to temp work, honestly starts when you list your availability for work. For example, if a temp worker indicates they are available certain days or times. If then successful and unable to commit due to availability, a temp worker could instantly been seen as dishonest in order to simply be offered the position. Honesty is the key to ensuring that communication is clear and all expectations for employer and contractor are met.


The main reasons that most employers prefer temp workers over permanent ones is because of the benefits associated with a flexible workplace. A temp worker can be called in on very short notice which is why the flexibility characteristic they offer is essential.

Temp workers can also be called in to work unpopular night shifts or peak holiday periods. Many temp staff workers are also often required to venture outside of their comfort zone and undertake unfamiliar tasks, eager to learn and undertake whatever duties that are asked of them during their placement.

One of the main reasons employers choose temporary workers over permanent staff is because of the benefits of a flexible workforce. Temp workers may be called in on short notice, which is why it is essential for them to be flexible. They may be brought in to work unpopular shifts like overnights or during busy hours. Beyond availability, flexible workers will also venture outside of their comfort zone and take on unfamiliar tasks. When hiring a temporary worker, employers look for people who are eager to learn and take on whatever duties are asked of them.


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