Employers – How to use App

Find Contractors with ease and suited to your exact needs

  • Choose Who You Connect With
  • View Contractors Profile, Hourly Rate & Reviews
  • Locate Professionals Trained Within Specific Areas of Their Occupation
  • Connect With Like-Minded Professionals to Help You Get the Job Done


Booking Placement

  • Once you have provided your location
  • Find Contractors within your radius
  • Wait to connect with a Contractor, and then propose placement if you wish to book them Contractors will receive an invite, and choose whether or not they wish to go ahead with the booking
  • View all placements in progress
  • Monitor all your posted job adverts
  • Reconnect with previous Contractors via your History


Open Jobs

  • Place ongoing ads if you require Contractors on a regular basis
    (A small fee may apply)


Placement History

  • View all your previous placements
  • View previous payments
  • Rate Contractors based on their skills and ability to perform tasks at hand
  • If you had a successful experience with a particular Contractor, please feel free to offer them ongoing placement opportunities



Are you sick of paying hefty recruitment fees for Contractors that aren’t specifically trained for the particular placement you require?

We’ve got you covered.

Monitor all your payments in one place and simply pay a low, once off Administration fee.

  • Negotiate wages based on the contractors skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Payments are withheld in secondary wallet, and processed once job is completed accordingly to primary wallet.
  • Rent-a-Temp will process all payments within 24hours
  • 100% Secure Banking through E-Toll Payway System


Other Features

  • Accumulate Amex points
  • Edit/Update your profile to meet your needs
  • Get access to our internal messaging portal
  • Gain bonuses when you complete a certain amount of bookings


Terms & Conditions:

  • Cancelling of a Contractor within 24 hours of placement commencement time will result in a $50 cancellation fee. $40 of this fee is then paid directly to the Contractor, $10 to Rent-a-Temp.
  • Any business that privately communicates and employs a Contractor after initial connection made via Rent-a-Temp can be automatically detected by the Application.
  • Violating this term and condition can result in a $50 fee and/or immediate removal of your profile from the Rent-a-Temp Application. This cannot be undone and any misuse of this service may result in the commencement of legal proceedings.

Find Qualified Staff Near You

We have got you covered.
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