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Temporary Staffing Solutions For Small Businesses and Large Enterprises

Whether you are seeking a medical professional, construction trade worker, corporate colleague or beauty professional, connecting with the local staff has never been easier via the RENT-a-TEMP App. Seek our broad array of comprehensive Contractors and be reassured we can assist you with getting the job done.

Hiring full-time workers can be challenging and expensive. Not only is the hiring process an elongated task, but ongoing benefits to your employees are costly. In many cases, hiring a long term employee is simply unnecessary for the short term work at hand.

How RENT-a-TEMP Can Help You Meet Workforce Demand

Need to cover maternity leave? Require assistance with a short term project? Need extra hands on deck during peak periods?
RENT-a-TEMP has the answer.

RENT-a-TEMP is a dedicated iOS and Android App where job-seekers can promote their profiles and expertise, and businesses can source qualified, temporary workers in an organised matter. With RENT-a-TEMP, you can hire Contractors and freelancers on the go, and get your work done within the time frame you require, without having to employ a full-time worker for your job.