3 Signs It’s Time to Bring in Temp Staff

3 Signs It’s Time to Bring in Temp Staff

Throughout the year it is common for service demand to rise and fall. And more often than not, it becomes impossible to hire and fire.

But if you are under staffed, how can you continue to provide the highest quality service to your customers? 

The answer – temporary staff.

With temp staff you can boost your workforce when you need to, without the need to hire new people on a full-time basis. When you hire using temporary staffing agencies, you save time and money for your company whilst also delivering.

But being able to identify when you need to get in touch with a temp staffing agency is not always easy. 

Our suggestion:

You Cannot Locate Qualified Staff

If a qualified and valued team member takes a period of leave, or terminates their employment with you, you are undoubtedly going to be left with large shoes to fill. 

It can also be quite the hassle trying to locate staff that are qualified, with good references and available at short notice. However, with RENT-a-TEMP you can buy yourself some time and engage with temp staff whilst you source a suitable replacement that meets your required needs and reflects your company values. 

With hiring temp staff, whether it be in Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, they are able to help pick up the slack and incorporate the skills they have picked up by temping at other businesses without compromising your highly respected business. 

Utilising Specialist Skill-Sets

Acquiring team members with specialised skill-sets is harder than it may sound. 

Whether you need a qualified administration person, a Dentist at short notice or someone that understands the construction industry – temp agencies have it all. 

By engaging with agencies such as RENT-a-TEMP you are able to take advantage of a range of specialised skill-sets  who also have a wealth of experience and knowledge and take away the pain of having to re-train or wear the costs of re-training your existing staff. 

Ease The Pressure on Your Existing Staff

In business we not only see the wave of supply and demand, we also see a wave of productivity in permanent staff. As the pressure increases during your busiest months, so does the pressure on your existing staff members.

However, by hiring temp staff you are then able to allow your existing staff members the time they need to fully concentrate on their tasks. 


RENT-a-TEMP has been designed to revolutionise how contractors and business owners connect. 
Our platform has been designed to assist business owners finding eligible staff that suit the role required whilst charging them only a slight admin fee when they connect with a contractor.
RENT-a-TEMP also strives to encourage working professionals to become their own boss and be recognised for their skills without the hassle of running their own business.
Download our app today via the Google Play and AppStore and find work, and start locating contractors within your business operational areas.


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