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Introducing innovation within the recruitment sector, RENT-a-TEMP is an application-based platform that is accessible from just about any device.
The application has been designed to locate staff and placement on the go, catered for a variety of different occupational fields.

Downloadable on the iTunes & Google Play Stores, the Android and iOs App has been created for Businesses to locate Contractors, and Contractors to find placement.

Why Choose RENT-a-TEMP?

RENT-a-TEMP likes to keep things simple and hassle-free

We are Cost-Effective & User-Friendly
Download our App today, and within minutes of becoming accepted, start locating local professionals near you.
Expand your network, gain more skills, interact with other like-minded professionals and believe in yourself.

Manage Everything in One Easy Place

RENT-a-TEMP can provide you with staff at your workplace almost immediately. Assist you with locating staff within your radius at a cost-effective price and recruiting them is a straightforward process with our pre-screening and qualification verification.

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A Trusted, Secure Place to Find the Right Staff at the Right Time

For many businesses hiring temp staff is a great option. If current members of staff have suddenly departed, or you simply have not had the resources to replace absent team members, hiring a temp at the touch of a finger can ensure that your business operates smoothly. Temp staff can help minimise loss of productivity during transition stages, provide specialist knowledge and expertise and allow for greater business flexibility. Expand your network and connect with locals around you.

RENT-a-TEMP Provides Flexibility when Staffing is an Issue

When you hire temp staff using the RENT-a-TEMP App you have the ability and flexibility to have staff cover specific periods during business hours and in fact,  be a more cost-effective option depending on the required hours and needs of your business.

RENT-a-TEMP caters for all Skill-sets

Many of our candidates have special skill sets and are perfect for short-term placements. For example, management can be brought in to cover maternity leave or administrative assignment or simply be available during peak seasonal periods. Temporary staff also bring a high level of expertise to defined projects quite often not found amongst existing staff.

RENT-a-TEMP Assists with the Permanent Hiring of Staff

Once your temporary contract has ended, it’s often the case that you might decide that the person you hired through us had such an impact on your business that you want to hire them permanently. You already know how well they work within your existing team and have the skills required, so you should be in a good position to make them an offer. It is important to keep in mind that your offer, however, may be declined. The role of temporary staff offers the flexibility that permanent positions are unable – which is an attractive proposition for many employees.

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