A Trusted & Secure Place to Find the Right Staff & Work at the Right Time

Benefits of Rent a Temp

We help Employers and Job Seekers find the right fit

Connecting short term staff and Business Owners to seamlessly get the job done.

Connect near and far via the Rent-a-Temp app.

Look no further, as we are here to help with financial boosts, and workplace short halls.

Utilise our easy-to-navigate iOS and Android app that allows you the flexibility to find suitable shift work and staff within your industry, and chosen local radius to get the job done.

Are you looking for sustainable work that melds around your schedule and priorities?

Are you overburdened with financial strain, and your obligations to balance work and play?


  • Be your own boss
  • Manage your own working schedule by choosing when and where you want to work.
  • Set your hourly rate and earn above award wage based on your skills and experience.
  • Work in conjunction of your availability, with the option of us assisting you with manual pre-booked shift work.
  • Receive on-going support from our carefully curated team to assist you with your placements and any questions you may have.
  • 24/7 app support where all information pertaining to your shifts, potential placements and locality are readily available.

Are you a business owner that is struggling to find staff to fill vacant positions when you are short staffed, or when someone calls a sickie?

Would you like to take a step back from the hiring process and leave the headache to the professionals whilst connecting seamlessly on the go.


  • Connect with contractors within your local radius, Australia Wide to get the job done with our user friendly app.
  • Choose who you connect with, with guarantee to find the correct temp for your business.
  • Forget the headache of overheads by utilising
    “freelancers” to get the job done.
  • Ability to review all professional profiles that maybe recommended.
  • Negotiate wages based on experience.
  • Connect with other businesses and contractors to fulfil your workplace needs.
  • Leave a star rating based on your experience.
    Everything is processed via the app, including

Business Owners pay a competitive connection fee each time a temp is confirmed.
(Please refer to service fees for more information)

The application allows both business owners and contractors to post for jobs and work, (On-going, Temporary, or Urgent) within their local radius.
Both parties can connect immediately based on working requirements to get the job done.

Please ensure your push notifications and location settings are on to enable job connection alerts (Visible phone notification) You can also see job alerts within the notification box.
This is located on the top right hand corner of the application.

Contractor | Business Owner will not be visible via the Rent-a-Temp map until all credentials and relevant certifications are uploaded and the profile image is complete.
This is mandatory for usage and safety purposes.

Contractors can manage their own availability and choose what days they want to connect.
You can locate and select your availability. Businesses can pre-book book Contractors. This also provides Business Owners the peace of mind and satisfaction that the Contractor is available..

The inbuilt chat system allows the Contractor and Business Owner to liaise directly through the Rent-a-Temp application. Both parties can discuss anything relating to the job

All payments processed are withheld and dispersed from the Rent-a-Temp Wallet to the Contractors nominated bank
account within 24-48 hours once their job is complete. This is processed through an intermediary banking system.
We don’t take anything from Contractors wage or application usage.

We charge a connection fee via the app to the Business Owner when you connect.

Business Owners can rate Contractors based on their service and performance.

The star rating system is to help Contractor connect for more jobs, and encourage Contractors to work to the best of their ability.

Depending on who sends the request, you will receive a notification.
Once you receive a notification, you have the option to Accept or Decline the Job or Contractor.
If you accept the Job or Contractor, you will then receive a confirmation alert. After you’ve connected, you can refer to the location map to see the movement of Contractor travelling to the workplace.
Please ensure your push notifications are on.

The Business Owner can reconnect with the next Available Contractor. If there’s an issue, please contact Rent-a-Temp directly and we can also try manually send someone to replace the Contractor. If the Contractor cancels twice, they will be disabled from their account for 2 weeks. If they cancel a third time, they will be temporarily removed for two months, including a $50 disqualification fee to pay the Business. If a Business Owner cancels within less than 24 hours, they are required to pay the Contractor a $50 inconvenience fee.

Manage Everything in One Easy Place

RENT-a-TEMP can provide you with staff at your workplace almost immediately.

Assist you with locating staff within your radius at a cost-effective price and recruiting them is a straightforward process with our pre-screening and qualification verification

Forget the commitment of a part-time job, choose your hourly wage, and choose when you want to connect.

Business Owners can also work as Job Seekers to expand their Business and Network, and Contractors can alternate between industries.

The purpose of Rent-a-Temp is to create convenience and flexibility whilst helping working professionals become appreciated for their skills, and stand out from the crowd, and for Business Owners to connect with short-term staff at the fraction of the price of hiring part-time casual workers.