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Workplace Health and Safety Policy

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Rent-A-TEMP Pty Ltd is committed to providing all personnel who work for RENT-a-TEMP Pty Ltd with a work environment that is safe and free from hazards so far as reasonably practicable in adherence with current and relevant Australian occupational safety and health (OHS/WHS) Legal Obligations and other Requirements. This commitment is the primary concern when placing/mobilising RENT-a-TEMP Pty Ltd personnel at client/host employer worksites to ensure all employees and stakeholders understand the required procedures and work together to prevent any hazards employees may encounter in their place of work.

RENT-a-TEMP Pty Ltd complies with the applicable safety and health legal and other requirements:

– Planning, implementation and management of the highest sustainable safety and health standards and performance to achieve continual improvement of workplace behaviours and processes;
– Establishment of a supportive safety culture where hazards and risks are actively identified, reported, assessed, investigated and effectively controlled using appropriate actions to prevent a recurrence.
– Upholding supportive collaboration and engagement between all stakeholders including all levels of management and employees through regular consultation;
– Establishment and maintenance of all essential health and safety management systems (HSMS) to ensure continuous improvements are made and sustained;
– Provision of all necessary human, physical and financial resources to achieve safety initiatives;
– Establishment, definition and communication of appropriately documented responsibilities and accountabilities for all personnel involved in the HSMS’s operations.
– Identifying and providing appropriate training and development for all employees and stakeholders of RENT-a-TEMP Pty Ltd, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to carry out their duties in a safe manner; and,
– Driving hazard and risk management processes to ensure all principle and host-workplaces have and uphold safe work practices and a safe working environment through the reporting, identification, pre-placement risk assessment and proactive control of hazards and associated risks;
– Achieving continuous improvement through regular monitoring and review of all policies, procedures and measurable objectives and targets in line with legal obligations.

RENT-a-TEMP Pty Ltd Senior Management is committed to positioning RENT-a-TEMP Pty Ltd at the forefront of safety and health within the labour-hire industry and is willing to allocate the resources necessary to lead the organisation into an era where safety and health are considered at all levels and clearly understood by all.