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About the RENT-a-TEMP App

We help employers and candidates find the right fit

Introducing innovation and simplicity to the recruitment sector. RENT-a-TEMP has been created by industry professionals to assist Contractors and Businesses across Australia in the form of a smart-device App that enables you to connect with local professionals, providing efficiency, flexibility and reliability all at the touch of a finger.

At RENT-a-TEMP we strive to provide Contractors with the flexibility to work whenever and wherever they like, and for business owners, we allow them the ability to source their own Contractors on the go.

RENT-a-TEMP’s iOS and Android App is accessible from any smart-device and designed to connect working professionals anywhere at any time.

For many businesses hiring temp staff is a great option. If current members of staff have suddenly departed, or you simply have not had the resources to replace absent team members, hiring a temp at the touch of a finger can ensure that your business operates smoothly. Temp staff can help minimise loss of productivity during transition stages, provide specialist knowledge and expertise and allow for greater business flexibility. Expand your network and connect with locals around you.

Manage Everything in One Easy Place

RENT-a-TEMP can provide you with staff at your workplace almost immediately.

Assist you with locating staff within your radius at a cost-effective price and recruiting them is a straightforward process with our pre-screening and qualification verification

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